Turkish Rug Shadow Box Ornaments


I have a super easy and unique Christmas craft to share with you all.

You only need a few items to create these ornaments and they come together super quickly.

In addition to the rug pieces (which I purchased on Etsy), you will need small shadow boxes. These were my favorites because of the substantial size, the raw wood, the jute hanger and the fact that they didn’t have glass (which would have just caused glare and taken away from the beauty of the rugs).

Other necessary items are a glue gun. (I just got this one and am obsessed.) Sharp scissors, (these are my fave), and a pencil and paper.

All I did was make a template by tracing the inside of each shadow box using the paper and pencil and then cut it out. I then marked all of my rug pieces, cut them and hot glued them into the boxes. One tip is to make sure you pull the rug taut so that they lay smooth.

And that is seriously it! Super cute on a boho, simple Christmas tree and mainstream enough to be left out long after the holiday season ends.

If you try this craft or it inspires you to do something similar (I think they would be amazing with a substantial fabric!) please let me know. I’d love to see your project!

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