Boho/Scandinavian Wood Bead Ornament Hack

Friends. Run to Walmart and purchase all of these wooden bead ornaments ASAP!

I have the simplest hack that will take you two minutes to do and it’s so neutral|simple|minimalist| you could leave them out as a bowl filler, etc all year long.

Yup, that’s it. Just rip, pull, cut off all of the excess and you are left with a plain, good sized ornament that has endless possibilities. Sometimes you need to look beyond all the fluff at the holiday season and bring back the simplicity.

Add a ribbon if you wish and hang it on your tree (as seen on my insta reel).

Or use as a bowl filler.

Or, to decorate your Christmas packages…

I hope you found a little bit of inspiration in this quick ornament hack! If you make them, be sure to let me know!

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